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  1. I started this thread back in October and have joyfully read all of these replies. It's wonderful that a thread that I thought was heretical has drawn so much interest. It's really a testament to the quality of the J design that folks are able to talk seriously about cruising them. Earlier in the thread someone asked me to keep you posted on my progress. Here goes. When I tested the market last fall I was greatly discouraged by the price of boats. Every boat I found seemed to be in top racing condition and demanding a racing price for features that I likely will not use. As a result I started concentrating on two other boats that were on my short list, always with the intention of buying something this spring. Hey look. It's this spring already! In Novemeber I sailed a J22 oh so briefly and liked what I saw. I also spent two days watching a J22 raicng fleet from a safety boat during the last regatta of the year at our club. Thise experiences and the replies in this thread have assured me that I can single hand this boat.I even have some ideas that I moght share if I get a chance to try them. I am hoping to look at some boats in the next week or two and recently have been encouraged by a contact from someone here. I'll keep the thread posted.
  2. What a shame it would be to carve up that pretty dry stored Baltimore race boat for my clumsy day sailing! It's a lovely boat.
  3. Absolutely will do. I also plan to check out that Baltimore boat.
  4. Great stuff. What a nice lively discussion. Thanks to you all.
  5. I have not been able to get up close to one of these boats for a long time. Let me see if I understand. I think you are saying that the boat has a split back stay and that the running rigging there is only a tensioner. Is that right? This is an illustration from the APS site which seems to indicate that my impression is correct.
  6. What a great gadget. Huge step up from the old jam cleat tiller minders. How much does it obstruct the cockpit?
  7. Lower Chesapeake Bay, almost exclusively in the James River/Elizabeth River roadstead. I plan to keep the boat in the water about six months a year and to store it in a trailer or cradle the rest of the time at a marina very close to my house. In the water time will be split between a slip at a marina on Western Branch of the Elizabeth River and quite possibly a mooring off of a family beach on the southside of the James. Regularly in the spring and fall, and sometimes from of an evening sea breeze in the summer, we get winds over ten knots. I definitely need to be thinking about reefing of some sort and the ability to douse the jib without going forward. I had not considered an autohelm but that too sounds intriguing. I really appreciate all of these thoughtful replies. The information about Torqeedo outboards is very helpful. I have seen them but don't know much about the benefits.
  8. Thanks. This is exactly the sort of feedback I need. Aren't the aft chainplates split though?
  9. Yes, I know that J22's are race boats bred to the purpose, so forgive me if I go off script for a bit. I am 58 and next spring will finish educating my daughter. After 25 years of cruising large boats I sold our last large boat four years ago to help pay the tuition freight. Now that we are almost done I am actively considering how to spend the next few years of my sailing life. I have had enough long distance cruising and juggling big boat headaches. The next boat needs to be simple and allow me to sail more and fiddle less--no more long spring work ups, constantly repairing mechanical systems, or involved voyage planning. I am thinking about a substantial but lively daysailer that I can keep in the water and use for after work and early morning sails, usually alone. I am not interested in racing. With all of that in mind, I am thinking about finding an older J22 and re-rigging the boat in order to tame it down for solo day sails. Things I am considering are adding a roller furling jib, running all control ines aft to the helmsman's station, putting on a Dutchman system for the main, adding slab reefing, maybe even replacing the running back stay with a fixed split back stay. In short, get rid of as many strings as possible and put the necessities within easy reach. I am interested in hearing informed opinions here about how the boat will perfom, whether it will be managable for one person, and whether anyone knows of a J22 that has been adapted for this purpose. My thought is that this is a well designed boat that will still gallop for one person even if we bleed off racing performance. I know that this sounds like putting catsup on a hot dog but I am interested in your thoughts. Thanks in advance.