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    So, after 13 months of waiting to get back out sailing, I have discovered the main bulkhead is essentially gone. The plan is replace it and seal the edges of the bulkhead with epoxy as well as both sides prior to installation. Has anyone else who has done this sealed the edged and surfaces with epoxy? Obviously any help keeping water out should be better, just curious if it worked very well. Ill be checking core around the chainplates while I've got it torn apart. Not looking forward to this. Any advice would be appreciated. John
  2. jbarnard

    Mast Base location

    I spoke to the Class Office and they were very helpful. I got Plan A. The base was as far back as it could be and still be legal. I moved it about 10 mm forward (there is a 20 mm tolerance and it worked like a charm. Shes going in the water Saturday!
  3. I went to step the mast on my recently acquired 22 (#718) and could not get the mast base to line up with the step. It acts like the step is too far to the rear. This makes the mast base interfere with the cabin top and the sea hood. If I could get the mast vertical, it will fit, but i've always (on my 3 previous boats) just walked the mast back, lined up the rear pin holes, slid in the pin and stood up the mast. Does anyone know a way to check the location of the base? the rules stipulate a location but no way to see what the measurement points are. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. jbarnard

    Bow Eye

    I need to install a boweye on my 22 to allow me to winch it up on a trailer. Any suggestions as to backing plates, type, etc?