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  1. j22forum2

    Rigging Guide or How-to?

    Hello Scott - Tuning depends on the brand of sails you've got. Most of the sail makers have J/22 tuning guides designed specifically for their sails. Also, North U used to have a CD/DVD on the J/22, but I haven't seen it recently. You might try E-Bay or Amazon. Welcome to the group! KT
  2. j22forum2

    Hull number

    From the J/22 Class Association Constitution: 4.2 – The Hull Numbers shall mean the Builder’s Code letters, the Hull Number allocated by J-Boats, Inc., on a consecutive basis world wide, and the Date of Molding onto the transom. Example: TSP20949C989 Tillotson Pearson J/22 949 September 1989 So I would bet that the boat in question is hull #4 built in January 1983. KT
  3. j22forum2

    Running Rigging placement

    I use the photos on the APS website as a reference too. www.apsltd.com KT
  4. j22forum2

    Buzzards bay regatta

    Update: I received the following message from the Chair for BBR: "We used to have a J22 fleet, but locally it has gone away. If you know if sailors who want to attend BBR, I would be happy to have a discussion with you and see what we can come up with. My contact info is below: Thank you Mary Ellen Mary Ellen A. DeFrias Chair Buzzards Bay Regatta 2013 mary@defriasgroup.com" If you want to go to BBR, contact Mary Ellen Ken
  5. j22forum2

    Buzzards bay regatta

    Hello Will - I have it from a reliable source that if we can come up with 10 J/22s, you will get a start at BBR. However, in the past they haven't been able to get 10 boats for the event. Just a note guys. KT
  6. j22forum2

    iPhone app for boat speed?

    I have MotionX GPS app for the iPhone, it can be set to show knots, or mph and nautical or statute miles. There are also a couple of tracking apps that will take the GPS data from the iPhone and plot your course and speed on a map. Again, not class legal for racing but interesting to play with. KT
  7. hello, mgut here. Can someone delete by classified post for my J22? Hull #300. I've tried to delete the post but have been unsuccessful. Thank you!

  8. j22forum2

    Polar diagram

    You can order Polars for most boats from US SAILING, but they're not cheap ($275/$325) http://store.ussailing.org/viewItem.asp?It...esc=Performance Package&VendorDesc=&Search=N://http://store.ussailing.org/viewItem...c=&Search=N KT
  9. j22forum2

    Forum Archive

    We've moved the old forum to the new site. It's available online in the Forum Archive We're no longer monitoring the forum, so please DO NOT post to the old forum. Thank You, Class Office
  10. j22forum2

    Hull #788

    Gently used; not raced. Main w/Dutchman, jib w/fixed stay, jenny on Furlex, .5oz & .75 oz. spinnakers—all very good to excellent; 2002 5hp Mercury, lifting bracket, 2006 mast—all excellent condition. Sound, solid, sail-away condition. With trailer—$8,000. Call Rick 207-939-6730.
  11. j22forum2

    Hull #453

    Very competitive 1985 boat with 2004 Triad trailer; hull and keel rumored to be faired by Waterline years ago; Quantum 2008 spinnaker, Quantum 2007 main and jib; also 2004 UKs; new Halyards in 2007; new shrouds in 2006; new vang in 2007; new outhaul in 2008; 2007 tiller; hull has been repainted, plus numerous other updates; measured in 2007; 2007 BHSC Fleet Champion, 2008 runner-up. $8,500. Contact Tom Lewin at 716-861-3700 or TLewin@roadrunner.com.