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  2. eastbaysailing

    1988 J22 hull#790 for sale

    Rainha is a 1988 J22 in great racing condition. Has VC Offshore painted bottom. Professional maintained. Ready to sail.race sails included2019 standing rigging2019 running rigging https://providence.craigslist.org/boa/d/bristol-j22-sailboat-trailer-hull790/7222350852.html
  3. eastbaysailing

    1983 J22 hull #5 for sale

    "Wally" is a 1983 J22. She sailed this past season.Received new standing rigging before 2019 sailing season.$4,000 is base price depending on what trailer (choice of 7), covers, and sails. https://providence.craigslist.org/bpo/d/bristol-j22-trailer/7213822328.html
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  5. Angus

    Roller Furler

    Have a roller furler Might have jib also will check Philadelphia PA sailmaster@cycop.com
  6. Have a couple of J22 Pulpits and a set of stanchions Phila PA sailmaster@cycop.com
  7. Angus


    Not certain from quick reading of class rules Must plywood be replaced with plywood ? Any core materials prohibited ? Is COOSA permitted ?
  8. ceisenberg

    Club Racing Sails Wanted

    Looking for good club racing/practice sails ceisenberg@allflexinc.com or call 763.807.1188
  9. Thank you for your reply. That's good to know.
  10. Hi there I'm in need of a j22 rudder. Boat came down to Floridafrom new England when it showed up rudder and boom were missing. Used would be perfect retired. Email berniehyland707@yahoo.com thanx
  11. Yes, not a problem, several are on slings in Seabrook, Texas, year round. Only transferred to a trailer when a hurricane threaten, and have to be moved to higher ground.
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  13. Hello, class members. I have a question for the group which I hope you can answer. I'm considering purchasing a J/22 which I would like to dry sail. Can a J/22 be safely stored year round on a 4-post boat lift using 2 lifting slings/straps with the keel left unsupported? Thank you in advance for your replies.
  14. Guest

    new sails

    I have a brand new set of sails. Main , Jib and spin they were for regatta that never happened so the sails went up once to look at. sold boat last year with old sails . $3500.00 cdcsystems1@gmail.com
  15. turbohojo

    J22 431 for sale

    What is the contact information? I'm trying to list it on WYC.org. email me holly@veritasmarketing.com
  16. I am looking at buying a '83 early model J22 that is in overall ok shape (normal issues for age). The one part that concerns me is the large crack appearing around the mast step and the exposed fg. There are no soft spots apparent and the owner says the cracks had not been increasing, but how concerned should I be? Should this be a pretty evasive repair or just possibly open the gap, epoxy, gelcoat. Thanks for any thoughts you may have!
  17. WYCjon


    I have done this maybe 6 times I use quality marine ply (Ocoume) $$ i cut out the old and add tabs to cut out the new one accurately (cut out the old stuff with a Fein saw) (the post may need a hammer and chisel) (that area has a bit of thickened polyester that will be busted out) fix the deck that is likely rotten around the chainplates. from the bottom if the deck is not broken the gaps around the new bulkhead can be filled with thickened epoxy prior to taping in place filet around except for chainplate area tape in place both sides with 1708 dbl bias cloth 2 layers 7" and 5" (don't tape where the chainplate goes) make sure your chainplates will be in the correct place. measure from front as they are often crooked/ should be equal from stem on both sides look at the aft bulkhead too, replacing the seats as well makes the inside that is never used look nice (the seats are a bit structural) I use interlux 2000 in white to finish 3 days (one full two half) or so
  18. WYCjon

    J22 431 for sale

    J22 431 1984 Dry sailed trailer in good condition one set sails decent condition all running rigging/ some new newer standing rigging Honda 2Hp outboard Located Wayzata, MN This boat has been sold $5500 offers considered Photos shortly A quick boat in need of a little love and a new home Some pics available $5500 offers considered
  19. kriszill

    Free to a good home

    San Diego, CA 92106. email me at kris@sdyc.org for photos
  20. Kansas City. What do you need?
  21. ISO trailer and outboard - Kentucky/Tenn/NC area
  22. jeebuzzit

    Free to a good home

    Would be interested as well, more so on the trailer, depending on location?
  23. jlevac

    keel bolt question

    Thank you!!
  24. TyeDyedGary

    keel bolt question

    Liquid Wrench, LPS-1 or WD-40 will all help lubricate to get the nut off. Apply several times a day for 2 or 3 days to allow it to work its way in. Before you start putting either on the bolt, put some oil absorbent around the base as best you can. Both L.W. and WD-40 have a low pH and can cause problems later on if not contained and fully cleaned off after the nut is loose. When you install the 2 bolt lifting system, put a drop or two of white lithium grease on the bolt before you install the nut, this will prevent gulling and/or freezing later if you need to remove it. Also try to match the nut to the bolt with the same type material, ( 304ss to 304ss or low carbon steel to LC steel, or galvanize to galvanize).
  25. Adam

    Free to a good home

    Where are you located? Do you have pictures? A picture of the trailer as well. I'm am interested. Best, Adam
  26. Hi, new to the class but not new to J boats. I've had my fair share of 24... We just took possession of a boat that has the single lifting point bolt ring attached to the most aft keel bolt. I want to change the lifting system to the 2 bolt bar system. I'm afraid to shear off the ring nut from the bolt. Any suggestions? liquid wrench? Any help would be appreciated! thanks
  27. Guest

    2001 J22 Sail 1462

    2001 boat in great condition ...lightly used 2 sets of sails including North Big Foot, 3 spinnnakers, 2015 2.5 hp Suzuki, Triad trailer $17,500 Canadian Imported legally into Canada Located near Windsor Ontartio Paul 519 733 0522 or pcairoli@wavedirect.net
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