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  3. Sethcooke

    84 j22 for sale

    The website will not allow me to upload pictures. Just text me and I’ll send them to you.
  4. Sethcooke

    84 j22 for sale

    1984 j22 for sale. Asking 6k for it. If sold I will keep what I have into boat and the rest will be donated to the Gulfport jr sailing program. Mast, boom, trailer repainted 1 1/2 ago with new lights. New lines on part of the boat, 2 spin poles, new tiller, 2 sets of sails. They are not races sails but 1 set isn’t bad. The keel and rudder need work. Headstay and back stay replaced 2 years ago. The boat is in good shape is ready to race but could use some work (new cleats, new halyards, of course keel and rudder work). I’m only selling it because I haven’t used the boat in probably a year. It’s located near fort Walton beach yacht club Call or text 850-376-7818. If I don’t answer please leave a voicemail.
  5. BKRob

    Looking to Buy a J/22

    My husband and I are looking to buy a race ready J/22. Would prefer a boat with no bottom paint that has been faired and we need a trailer. Please send information to kristeneyc@yahoo.com. Thank you!
  6. BKRob

    #711 "Painkiller" for sale $12,000

    Could you send me additional information about this boat, including pictures, where it is located and if the boat has been faired? kristeneyc@yahoo.com
  7. Actually, I've figured everything out except how to rig up a Cunningham. So far so good. Scott
  8. Race ready. three sets North class sails. Road worthy roll off trailer. Professionally faired blades. All the toys. Motor and mount available.
  9. J22883

    J22 for Sale

    Asking price 6000.
  10. J22883

    J22 for Sale

    Built in 1988 Owned since 2002 Stored inside during the winter EZ loaded trailer Mercury 5 horse 4 cycle 3 years old Quantum Main, 2 jobs (1 North), Mylar Genoa, spinnaker Contact 317-389-1707. Sailed at Prairie Creek Reservoir in Muncie, IN.
  11. Thanks, KT, sounds like that would be a good resource to have. I'll search around a bit for that. Thanks for the welcome as well. I'm super excited about the boat! Scott
  12. j22forum2

    Rigging Guide or How-to?

    Hello Scott - Tuning depends on the brand of sails you've got. Most of the sail makers have J/22 tuning guides designed specifically for their sails. Also, North U used to have a CD/DVD on the J/22, but I haven't seen it recently. You might try E-Bay or Amazon. Welcome to the group! KT
  13. Hi all - I recently purchased a J/22, and I'm wondering if there is an existing guide or how-to for setting up the sails and running rigging on the boat. We have the sails and all the lines, I'd just like to have something to look at to orient myself before I jump in - like an instruction manual, almost. Thanks, Scott
  14. My phone number is 216 513-1848.


    My J-22 is still for sale. Are you still interested?

  15. Guest

    Wanted a good used mast

    WAnted a good used mast, So. Florida area.
  16. Spdrush

    J-22 For Sale Hull No. 966

    Yes still for sale. Spdrush@gmail.com Hope to hear from you.
  17. pgross

    J-22 For Sale Hull No. 966

    Is this boat still for sale? If so, how do I contact you?
  18. mikegemperline

    Mainsheet Block replacement

    Harken Carbo Fiddle Block # 2676
  19. Hi I am the original owner of hull 988, which came with a Lewmar mainsheet block which had 2 sheeves becket and intergal cleat. I need to replace the block. Suggestions on what I should replace it with?
  20. Sheld

    J-22 For Sale Hull No. 966

    Available for show saturday morning?
  21. alanvee

    Sails for sail

    -Made by North Sails-- Cruising Design division -These sail are virtually new. The only time they were outdoors was for these pix. We used them exclusively for boat show displays. -Except for shipping, these sails have been kept rolled in a sail sleeve. -I removed some marketing insignias, and there may be some minor sticky back residue. -The mainsail has slugs attached at the luff. It is a little shorter on the leach than a racing mainsail. $1,088 plus shipping Contact Alanvee for pix or questions. @gmail.com
  22. mikegemperline

    Qunatum Race Main and Jib

    Reduced price 1500 OBO
  23. stephengerst

    J-22 For Sale Hull No. 966

    I have questions that may be better handled over a phone call. Where can you be reached?
  24. boo

    Sails for sale

    The following sails are available: Race quality $2000 for the set, used 3 days? Very good condition.Quantum 2017 mainQuantum 2017 jibQuantum 2014? Spin blue
  25. mikegemperline

    Qunatum Race Main and Jib

    Quantum sails class main and jib from '01 worlds - $2000 - Purchased with hull 16 two years ago - Originally purchased as back up set for '01 worlds, not sure if they we're used there or not - We used them once for two days, one light air and one medium air. More or less just broken in - Has royalty and measurement stamps - Has small hole in mainsail bag
  26. Spdrush

    J-22 For Sale Hull No. 966

    I can post high resolution pictures via email if you would email me at spdrush@gmail.com. The boat hasn't been in the water for almost two years but has been stored indoors each winter. The primary sails are north Big Foot jib and main bought in 2014. They are in very good condition. The secondary sails are also North and are fair. We did not sail with spinnakers so the spin is good. The North mylar genoa was never used and is in new condition.
  27. mikegemperline

    Windward sheeting traveler

    I have a Harken 1636 windward sheeting car - midrange high load message me at mike@bristolyachtrigging.com if interested
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