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  3. James3734

    Hull 540 For Sale $ 9,500

    Is this boat still available?
  4. 1. Go low before you try to go high upwind. 2. Get away from the weather mark fast, so go high before you go low. 3. Tight sails and crew are slow too. Don’t oversheet or over serve. 4. Focus on smooth turns, tacks and gybes. 5.The point wants to point naturally if it is fair and tuned. Figure out how to let it run. Just my opinion.
  5. I am in an area where there are over twenty active J-22s. More then half have a notch cut in the combing, but all have a block (teak or man made material) raising the cam cleat above deck level. Don't forget to use a good sealer under the lifting block and use fender washers under the deck.
  6. J/22 Hull 1232 (London Fog) – located Cleveland, Ohio Measurement Certificate – 02/06 Keel & Rudder Faired Chain Plate Bulkheads Solid New Quantum racing set used once in Buffalo 2017 (light air regatta) 3 other full sets for club racing Tack Tick & Speed Puck Mast cover Rudder cover Spare spinnaker pole Trailer with new tires & bunk pads Spinnaker launch bag Tool kit, & all safety equipment Race ready $15000 Rick Raymond (440) 823-4502
  7. Need to check the technical rules, but I don’t believe one is allowed to cut the teak combing or feed a line through the teak combing. Although this may have changed. So the teak block is the way to go.
  8. Did not interrupt the combing to place cam cleats for spinnaker cam cleats as you desire. Placed a teak block large enough for the cam to sit on next to the outboard side of the combing and attached directly to the deck below the teak block with two long stainless bolt through cam and block and fastened with nuts under the deck. Made the block tall enough to be flush with top of combing. Worked very well.
  9. Hi. I coach High School sailors on J22s. We have 2 boats, both with wooden cockpit combings. We want to add cam cleats for our spinnaker sheets, but are trying to figure out how to best do this with this layout. Is the best approach to cut out a section of the wooden combing where we want to mount the cleats? Or is there a better tried and true method?
  10. coslatrat

    sea deck

    Don't know if you'd really want to do that. It could impede cockpit drainage, catch sheets and generally make your life miserable. I've seen photos of Seadeck after it weathers that don't really look very good and it's a beast to remove.
  11. Annapolis Performance has 'em www.apsltd.com They aren't getting any cheaper. I bought a spare 10 years ago for a bit under $25, they're $69 now
  12. Based on the information I have on hand, a Plastic feed slot insert is ready for testing. I need a J/22 sailor in the USA who is willing to test fit a snap-in insert for feed-back. Any takers?
  13. I would like to build a nylon snap-in type of mast gate. Is it true that the mast is a Hall Spar 095 ? I need to confirm measurements taken with a digital caliper. So far I have: 1. Track Depth of 16 mm 2. inside channel diameter of 15.88 mm 3. track slot gap of 4 mm 4. length of feed slot cut 230 mm 5. width of feed slot cut 14 mm Thank You
  14. Guest

    Angled Mast Step

    I am looking for a angled mast step to pare with a Hall Rig. Anyone know if they are still made? Have one available? Thanks for any leads. Trevor
  15. Guest

    New North Main

    Brand new North Main sail. Still bricked from the loft. Looking for $1200 obo. Located in Annapolis. Trevor.d.perkins@gmail.com
  16. TyeDyedGary

    Aft Airtank repair

    That similar question came up in Fleet 6, concerning the interior bulkheads the chain plates are attached to. The local measurer said it was OK, as long as after the repairs were complete, the boat was was re-measuered and certified.
  17. Portions of the plywood that forms the walls of the aft airtank on my boat have finally rotted to the point where they need to be replaced. I probably know the answer to this question, but I'm going to ask anyway. Is it legal to replace the rotted sections with 1/4" starboard or similar material or does it have to remain plywood? Any info would help. Thanks John
  18. Contact Randy at: GouldRandyS@gmail.com OkobojiSailingCenter@gmail.com 612.867.2793 Thanks!
  19. Bow and Stern rails and all stanchions and wires - pictured here. Took them off for racing - but would be ideal for leisure sailing. Complete set up - $450 ONO Please contact : jgorbold@rochester.rr.com
  20. I can email you pics.  


    write to me:     brucembh     at     


    charter     dot     net

  21. Bernie707

    J22 rudder wanted

    Thanx so so much definitely want it. My phone number is 774283 5660 Email berniehyland707@yahoo.com
  22. sparwars

    J22 rudder wanted

    My email Brucembh@charter.net Email me. Need your address to ship. My PayPal is this email. Send $750 and I'll do shipping included. Bruce
  23. Bernie707

    J22 rudder wanted

    Thanx so so much definitely want it. Can finish very experinced. Have Pay Pal account as well. My phone is 7742835660 Bernie Ft Myers
  24. sparwars

    J22 rudder wanted

    I sanded off the paint and block sanded the surface with 80. Here are the results. Looks like someone faired it before, but didn't put an epoxy finish coat. Since you are Florida, I figure you may be doing bottom paint, so you just need to 220 this and paint. I didn't do the other side.
  25. sparwars

    J22 rudder wanted

    I may take the paint off for you. I'll bring it to a good surface to look at. Probably tomorrow.
  26. sparwars

    J22 rudder wanted

    I'll be in Naples starting January.
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