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    Spreader Bar

    I am in need of a spreader Bar the one I ordered from https://www.shopsoundboatworks.com/jmaha.html is too small and is not drilled for the 2 holes on each wing
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  4. DwyerMastandRigging

    Buying Check List

    Take a look at the classifieds under forums. With 15k you should be getting a top of the line J22 with sails and you probably don't need to spend that much out of the box. There are many checklists throughout the forum that are super helpful if you're willing to do some scrolling for a couple hours. I have purchased hull#16 and so far have replaced all of the deck hardware and fixed some cracking in the deck...honestly the hardest part about that is crawling around the boat to clean it before and after. That or finding the correct length/style fasteners. The bulkheads are original 1986 and aren't rotted because it was stored indoors each winter(important to know how the boat has been stored over the years). However, I intend to race the boat across the country and will be replacing them along with replacing old rotten core under the mast step and around the chain plates. The boat is going to be pushed hard going forward racing twice a week in the summer and traveling at other times via trailer. Do not oversee the importance of a clean bottom either...any boat that needs a new bottom needs other help usually. Refinishing the bottom is without a doubt the most labor intensive task you will have to do at some point especially if it is wet sailed from a mooring. If you can write a check for someone else to do that work I highly highly recommend you write that check. Costing out the materials and labor you'd have to spend to DIY proves it's rarely worth it versus writing a check one time. Or look out for a boat that has a nice bottom. If the owner puts the time to keep the bottom nice they likely maintain the rest of the boat pretty well or to similar standard. An old bulkhead or some cracking deck shouldn't scare you from a good deal especially if you're just club racing the boat. You'll know if the wood has gone bad or is about to go bad on the bulkhead just by looking at it and comparing to other photos. Checking the core around the chain plates can't be done unless you remove the chain plate which you won't be able to do until you buy it. There are a few fixes for bad core there, but again not make or break if all you're doing is club racing. New trailers are expensive. A new Triad trailer is around 3500-4000 for a J22...and that's the basic set up. If you end up needing help with your rigging or hardware on this feel free to contact me at mail@dwyermast.com -Mike
  5. TyeDyedGary

    Buying Check List

    Add to the above list, any place a bolt or screw goes into or through any part of the boat, ei. ruder gudgeons, back stay tangs, head stay bow plate, jib car track, etc. Any place a screw or bolt goes in must be properly sealed.
  6. In my mostly hearsay experience of the 35 years I have had my J22, I have heard that the bulkhead panel where the chain plate attachment of the mast stays below deck and the keel attachment are the major areas for concern. I have never personally bought a J22 since buying mine new in 1988. Knocking with your knuckles all over the panels should reveal no “soft” areas and the area of the keel attachment inside the cabin should remain firm and have no areas of “softness”. I have been told the panels have balsa cores and, if the chain plate area on the deck has not been properly caulked and water sealed, the balsa will rot and lead to eventual stay failure. Same applies to keel if long term water exposure in keel attachment area inside cabin has occurred. Have been told that can detect by holding keel at base and moving back and forth laterally while other observer is inside cockpit looking at keel attachment for movement and cracks. If have local J22 owners, might want to have them look at boat with you before buying? Good luck. Love this boat. Guess that’s why never had to buy another.
  7. I am selling my Rhodes 19 and looking to purchase a J22 for club racing and day sailing. Does anyone have a checklist that details the critical areas to inspect when looking at a used J22. I would like to find a boat that does not require any extensive repairs or upgrades. I refurbished my R19 (ribs, rigging, keel, bottom, etc.) but don't have the time or patience to rehab another boat. My top purchase price would be $15,000. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  9. DwyerMastandRigging

    Running rigging for J22

    We can provide you with any running or standing rigging you need. Send us an email to mail@dwyermast.com or find us at Dwyermast.com
  10. DwyerMastandRigging

    recoring around the mast step

    I'll be sure to post some photos of the job. Thanks for the advice. One other concern is the legality of the boat once the bulkheads and core around the chain plates and under the mast step have been rebuilt. Plan is to use bulsa core to match original and use 3/4" okume marine ply to replace the bulkheads. Will it be legal provided documentation of the repairs?
  11. I did this when I needed to fix something or other. The plates (both upper and lower) have circular inserts that fit inside the tube. You only need to deflect the deck 1/2” to pop out the post. You can use a car jack and a cut-down 4 x 4. Or you can pop out the bolts and just slide it out.
  12. Located in Dana Point, CA Hull#459 has been completely re-finished with all new two tone deck with light gray non skid and all new Harken hardware. The bulk head has been professionally repaired and the interior repainted. Includes one set of Quantum Sails with only 2 races on them, and one set of North Sails in good condition but used for one full season. Please contact me or my partner for more details: Rusty: 949-877-2727 or Marty 949-547-1000 email: rrutherford8@gmail.com
  13. DwyerMastandRigging

    recoring around the mast step

    So this is coming up again on Hull#16. She'll need a similar fix along with new coring around the chain plates and new bulkheads...they seem to be original to the boat. Mostly concerned with getting the barney post in and out...maybe with some old house jacks? Has anyone completed this?
  14. Located in upstate SC, the J22 is in very nice condition for its age and is well equipped and race ready. Hull number 781 and sail number 788. As explained to me, the first few prototypes were not registered, thus the difference in hull # and registration #. We purchased the boat in 2018 and spent six months reconditioning the teak, refinishing tiller, replacing portlights, spreader boots replaced, sanding and barrier coating the bottom, applying Sea Hawk VMG (HARD & FAST RACING FINISH), and a good interior and exterior scrubbing. Our age is catching up with us and we’re moving to a smaller boat, perhaps a Flying Scot. Equipment included: · North Sails main and jib (approximately 2 years old with 1 club racing season) · Spare battens · Doyle tri-radial spinnaker · New halyards 2018 · New spinnaker sheets 2019 · Spinnaker sheet retainer added to bow · Cushions in forepeak · Anchor and rode · Hiking stick · Boarding ladder heavy duty folding S/S ($600) · Tohatsu 3.5 HP 4 stroke 2014 with hinged bracket · Full boat cover · Lifelines, stanchions, and pulpits are available but were removed · Galvanized roller trailer with 2 tongue extensions, new tires 2018 · Spinnaker pole · Genoa track · All standard racing equipment; winches, blocks, tackle, lines, etc. Photos are available at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HcqJDdxYCA2sQmhC7 For further information contact: Dennis Headberg (904) 495-6484 dheadberg@gmail.com
  15. Thistle3920

    J22 Keel trailering cover

    Tye Dye and jkohne: Thanks for your responses I appreciate it. Masthead used to make the covers for APS until they went all in on fashion. They now sell them directly. Kinder Industries also makes them to order. Link to Kinder Industries J22 Canvas Web Page it takes about 2 weeks from the time you order until delivery from either place.
  16. jkohne

    J22 Keel trailering cover

    :Went online and found J22 Keel Cover for $155 from Masthead. https://mastheadsailinggear.com/product/j22-keel-cover-2/
  17. TyeDyedGary

    J22 Keel trailering cover

    Try Annapolis Performance Sailing. I have some from there purchased several years ago.
  18. A couple of us are looking for keel covers for trailering. North has one for the J24 but I haven't found one for the 22. Suggestions?
  19. I’m looking for a good J22 1995 or newer that is well equipped for racing with at least one nearly new set of sails. I prefer recent measurements and good racing result history. It must have a solid trailer. I don’t want a boat that needs anything over and above a minor repair. No bulkhead or rot issues please. I’m located in Upstate NY and prefer to find a boat within 4 hours of that area. Thanks. Jeff at 585-261-8181. Txt ok.
  20. Guest

    Set of North Sails

    Set of North Sails used for two seasons in mostly light breeze in Annapolis. Still in great condition for weeknight racing. $1,500 for the set or can discuss selling individual sails. Contact J.R. Maxwell at johnrmaxwell@gmail.com.
  21. TyeDyedGary

    Running rigging for J22

    You have one of two options. Find a reputable rigging shop and have them replace any running rigging that needs it. OR On this web site go to The Boat -- Line Lengths and print that off. Then go to your Marine Supply store and purchase the lines you need, do the splices and replace them yourself. Note. get a 80 foot 4mm line to use as a chase line in the mast, put a few stitches in the end of the line before pulling them through the mast. Also, get Dyneema core or similar core lines.
  22. Guest

    1988 J22 For Sale

    The Paul Miller Fund was donated a 1988 J70. At this point we are ready to fire sale it to get it off our books. The boat has a roll on roll off trailer purchased new in 2010. It has not been on the trailer in 4 years but the trailer is road ready. It comes with a 2014 Mercury 4 stoke outboard. Sails are for cruising but it is a great day sailor. Please contact me with any questions. Looking to get $7500 for it. Mnewman@scyachtclub.com Mark Newman 843-342-2628
  23. I am a Sailing novice. Bought my son a J 22 as he has been saving for about two years. I need running rigging for the boat. Need it soon as this is what he is asked for for Christmas. Any suggestions?
  24. lubenator

    Hull #1034 for sale

    Hull 1034 for sale. Dry sailed and stored on trailer. Nissan 3.5 2-stroke long shaft in excellent condition. Boat was measured. Keel faired. Trailer. 3 sets of sails. Most recent sails are North good for club racing. Spinnaker hatch turtle. Bulkhead was replaced. Winches were replaced with Lewmars. All cleats and blocks have been upgraded through the years. Spreader bar was replaced. Pictures soon. Boat located in Washington, NC. $9,000. Contact deluben@yahoo.com.
  25. Had a spinnaker made for my J22 said they used class measurements, however it is larger along the foot than the one I have been using. Does anyone have individual side dimensions rather than overall square footage. Would be helpful. thx
  26. I need to restring my spin pole bridle as the original wire is fraying. What cordage works best as a replacement? Thanks
  27. alanvee

    3 J/22s for Sale

    Does your YC need instructional vessels? I am reducing my instructional fleet by 3 boats. All are solid, but need cosmetic attention. No structural issues or wet spots. I can send pictures. All have furling jibs and Stak Pak mainsails. Perfect for day sailing or instruction. Good highway trailers. Motor mounts, but no motors. Boats have good VC17 bottoms, but need gear if you wish to race them competitively. Located in Chicago Alan 773 791 7923
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