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  2. Kallen

    J/22 Hull#1053 For Sale

    1991 J/22 #1053 Excellent condition. Loaded boat. Stored indoors last 11 years. Sail/race ready. Waterline System boat preparation. One coat VC-17 over epoxy bottom. 1991 Triad “float –off” Trailer Doyle Sails – 2007 main/jib, used one season Sobstad Sails – 1995 complete set North Sails – 1993 complete set 2002 - 2.5 Mercury outboard motor Contact: Kurt Allen email kurtgwblackwell@gmail.com phone (716) 560- 1869
  3. Fountain

    sea deck

    Be sure to post some pictures after you have it installed.
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  5. DiSpencerMay

    Used J-22 Sails

    https://www.secondwindsails.com/ I see lots of options on here from time to time <$300/sail. Good Luck
  6. DiSpencerMay

    sea deck

    The only J22 I have seen with a seadeck (www.raptordeck.com) was a BEAUTIFUL boat from Cayman. I am actually looking into getting one for the whole deck as right now. Should last as long as the deck paint, I am also investing in a boat cover for when my girl is sitting in the bright Jamaican sun!
  7. DiSpencerMay


    I don't have a template source, but would be interested in finding one. Coosa board seems like the BEST option for replacing rotten marine ply, but we will see.
  8. Guest

    J22 # 667 for sale

    #667 for Sale: -Previous NA Champion -Bottom, keel and rudder faired -Almost new North Sails and practice sails -Tacktic compass -Galvanized single axle trailer -Price $8750 , Located in Texas and can deliver. Contact Jay.lutz@northsails.com for more info and pictures Or 281-787-6367
  9. The Montego Bay Yacht Club once again opens her doors to the International J22 community. In the 31st Anniversary of the longest-running one-design regatta in the region. The Jamaican fleet is 11 boats strong and last year we even shipped in a couple from Cayman! We will have our own qualifiers a few weeks before Jamin kicks off and the remain boats will be loaned to our visiting teams! For anyone who has been a part of this tradition over the last 30 years, you know this is more than a weekend of racing. Warm Jamaican waters and our prevailing Northeasterly breeze provides unparalleled racing conditions year-round (and especially in December!). Off the course, we have a lively bunch of scoundrels that host our annual themed party (this year is Carnival themed, so get you masks, bright colors, feathers and beads)!! Registration is opened and we would be happy to answer any questions: JAMINJ22 at MOBAYYACHTCLUB.COM To stay informed about all things Jamin, please fill out the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeotXHgX1lWG7Y1ttCPgS5NaL_n9MnHiILs_0q0sbzz3FoykA/viewform?usp=sf_link The winning poem from 2019 Blu Dog Calypso's Galen Freeman and Laura Johnson Jamin J is wild ‘n’ fun And we are here to drink the rum Banged all up from ups ‘n’ downs But on our faces you’ll see no frowns Cus all the peeps are cool ‘n’ nice And all the drinks are filled with ice Yo ho ho for very few Js Beautiful nights ‘n’ sunny days Great Great Sailin ‘n’ dancing the night away Lord help us We’ll never stop Comin to the Jamin J Cheers and we look forward to seeing you in December! 2020 Jamin NOR Released 6.25.pdf
  10. J22 Triad Galvanized lift off trailer for sale. Still in use and works perfectly. We have need to ramp launch 50% of the time, so have purchased a new Triad float off. Available early August 2020. $1500 Scott Binzer Scottbinzer@gmail.com 502-291-6328
  11. DwyerMastandRigging

    J22 Parts & Accessories

    Motor mount and bracket Straight Tiller - no hardware Main Sheet traveler bar Jib sheet track and blocks Standing and running rigging for angled mast step Spin poles w/ ends contact mikegemperline@yahoo.com
  12. Tperk22330

    Hull 654

    Forgot contact and price. Asking $8750. Email me at Trevor.d.perkins@gmail.com. Boat is in Annapolis area.
  13. Guest

    Hull 654

    Spent majority of its life on a fresh water lake in NH. Solid deck. New standing rigging. Absolutely dry hull, never any rain water found in the boat. Two point lifting off of two keel bolts. Topsides are original gelcoat and polish out well. Bottom is VC Offshore (mostly blue with some touch-up done in a brown). This is my third J22 and I have done major rehab projects on my two previous boats including rebuilding bulkheads and recoreing sections of a hull. These boats are balsa core constructed and one of the common issues is water intrusion into the core which makes the decks soft and passage of water down the chain plates to the bulkhead leading to rot. This boat was previously maintained by Karl's Boat Shop in MA and all of these issues have been remedied. The trailer is older but roadworthy, recently delivered the boat from Cape Cod to Annapolis. The trailer pads are due to be replaced. The boat has North a Main, two North Jibs and a Quantum Spinnaker. All sails are good for club racing and local weekend events. Also included are a tactic compass and carbon tiller extension.
  14. Tachypnea

    new sails

    Did they sell? Which brand?
  15. cjschweikart

    1989 J22 Hull No. 889

    Hello I am with the Lake Belton Yacht Club and we're looking for an additional J22. Is this still available and if so so how much? - Chris
  16. j22exec

    Hull #1087

    For Sale Hull Number 1087, located in Sayville Long Island. Boat has always been dry sailed on its trailer and is ready to race. Boat cover, Tac Tic with mast mount, Quantum sails. 10k. Call with questions or to arrange a virtual tour of the boat. Peter Judge Pjudgemd@gmail.com 631-512-2468
  17. Mark, I'm interested. Can you email me at Thistle3920@gmail.com? Thanks!
  18. JAC

    1997 J22 #1271 Sold

    Can you send some pics of your J22?
  19. DwyerMastandRigging

    Loose Spreader (Bar going through Mast) Fix

    We may be able to provide one other fix. Luckily I have one of the last sets of the J22 Spreader Repair Kits from APS. The trick to installing these is cutting down the spreader by the thickness of the SpreaderBarBracket, 0.125" or 1/8", such that they will line up with the preexisting holes on the spreader bar. Also, you must re-cut the spreaders at the proper angle of aprox. 20 degrees aft. We're working to make duplicates, but it will take some time. Send me an email at mail@dwyermast.com if you'd like to pursue it.
  20. DwyerMastandRigging

    new sails

    What sailmaker?
  21. Guest

    new sails

    I have a brand new set of sail Main , Jib and spin they were for regatta that never happend so the sails went up once to look at. sold boat last year with old sails . $2500.00
  22. J22 rudder assembly, boom, forestay, backstay, shrouds, shoreline roller trailer with extended tongue, traveler assembly,
  23. lubenator

    Hull 1034 for sale - $10,000.

    Yes. Here are some pics: https://link.shutterfly.com/o2d1H3jiM6 The boat is in Washington, North Carolina.
  24. TheAustin

    Hull 1034 for sale - $10,000.

    Still available? If so, location?
  25. TheAustin

    1989 J22 Hull No. 889

    Still available? Price? Location? Thanks much
  26. Cause, too much compression load. Repair, find a rigger that knows how to weld aluminum to re-sleeve the mast where the spreader assembly goes.
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