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  2. jkohne

    Main outhaul system diagram

    Don’t know answer but interested in this information as well.
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  4. Where can I find a diagram of the outhaul system? Took mine appart an am not sure where to anchor the front block.
  5. Guest


    Located Lake George, NY. The boat has always been in fresh water. Great boat but seldom used the last few summers. Includes sails (Haarstick), cockpit cover, triad trailer, the boat is ready to race as is. Price - $18,900.00. contact: John Tarrant cell. 518/423-6074 tarrant.john338@gmail.com
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  7. Sbinzer

    USA #1510 - Regatta Ready

    If for sale please contact Scott at 502-291-6328 or provide contact info. Thanks
  8. MargeGunderson

    USA #1510 - Regatta Ready

    Potential winter sale USA #1510 Minimum weight with correctors Tuned and ready for Quantum with caliper numbers. 3 sets of Quantum sails. 2018 (used Annapolis Worlds), 2017 used lightly, and cruising set (old flat entry main perfect for chill mode). Trailer lights redone, bearings repacked. New lines, standing rigging, halyards, and blocks 2017. 4hp 4 stroke Yamaha in great shape Custom "Lars Bar" ready for bag-less sets (Autographed by the legend himself). 7th at 2018 Worlds in Annapolis, top Quantum boat Doesn't get more turn key. $24,000 Considering a potential sale this winter. Not set in stone but looking to have contact info for folks interested if it goes up.
  9. Guest

    Decent used trailer for sale

    Hello, I am looking for a decent used J22 Trailer in the New England area. Thank you, Matthew Cohen 401 661 6541 (text or call) matthew@cohenphotography.com www.cohenphotography.com
  10. J/22 #1233 - Boat is race ready with full inventory of racing and practice sails. Previous owner purchased the boat in 2012, and prior to that it was a freshwater boat. Air tanks dry and bulkheads solid (tanks and bulkheads inspected frequently). Stored on trailer with boat cover. Boat is at weight (with correctors “correctly” placed), and the J22 class association has the measurement certificate from last season on file. We raced it last season and casually sailed it once this season. Included Sails (Two full sets of North Sails and Extra Racing Jib) Set #1 One set of North Sails in racing condition. (Used in 2013 Worlds and only two other regattas) One M7 Main (2013) Two Big Foot Jibs (2013 and 2014) (one jib is in championship regatta condition) One FR-1 AirX Spinnaker Set #2 Recreational North Sails (main, jib, spin) Available Sails Sold Separately ($3,600 firm) After the 2018 Noods, we purchased a full set (main, jib with clew block, spin) of North Sails used only in the “very light air” Noods regatta by Zeke Horowitz. They have not been used since and have been properly stored. Engine -2012 Honda 2.3 horsepower outboard, four stroke, air cooled (very low hours)—only use ethanol free/airplane fuel. -Light weight motor mount. Other Information - Two spinnaker poles, one pretty much new. - Halyards and sheets are either new (as of 2017) or in excellent condition. - Halyard cleats replaced in 2017. - All class safety gear in excellent shape. - Tacktick compass and Velocitek Speedpuck ($400 retail) included. - Lifting harness replaced in 2015. - Three covers included—gray cockpit cover in almost new condition; black full-length, low-profile road cover (professionally reinforced in 2018); large barn cover. - Rudder cover and new tiller cover. - Mast brackets for traveling and other accessories included. Stored on trailer at the SSA lot in Annapolis, MD. Asking $10,500. Please call Mariel at (617) 957-5401 or email Mariel.yarbrough@gmail.com if you are interested or need more information.
  11. J-22 for sale, hull number 868 with trailer. Overhaul a solid boat, needs some new hardware such as cam cleats. Hull has some scratches in the paint. Bottom was faired and is in great shape. Many sets of sails, some decent for club racing. $5100 631-983-7376 Holzmacherair@aol.com
  12. Your Backstay Tangs were not bedded properly and allowed water incursion. Check locally with other boaters as to who does the best fiberglass repair work and have them make the repairs. They will be able to tell you if the whole transom needs replacement or just area around the tangs. When they are finished you will need to have your boat reweighed, and measured.
  13. Guest

    Two SC-2 Main Sails

    I have two SC-2 main sails available, these are built for a flat mast stepped boat. $400 for used sail $750 for new sail will sell both together for $1000. trevor.d.perkins@gmail.com
  14. bmdoyle56

    J22 For Sale

    Price reduced to $7,500. Motivated to sell.
  15. While cleaning inside the boat noticed what looked like cracks in the transom . I crawled back to find about 4" cracks in the upper corner about where the the backstay plate would be. Checked the other side to also find a crack by other backstay plate Can you cut out sections and replace them or would you have to replace the whole transom? I broke off a 2" piece of fiberglass and pressed a screwdriver in and it was soft. It's a 1990 J22. The outside of the transom looks good and seems hard and I never would have expected what I found inside.
  16. How do you extract the pins of the mast step sheaves? The only solution I can think of is using a drill Special tool or trick?
  17. Joy805

    J22 cockpit drain hose specs

    23" (22.5") lightweight wire-reinforced hose 1.5" I.D. will do it. Plus some sealant and the 2 radiator hose clamps fitted to it. Am buying 4 ft of it today at local True Value.
  18. dennishg

    1988 Race Equipped J22

    Price reduced to $8,900 Spinnaker is Doyle not Schurr info sheet available on request. photos at: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOPa7DnjRcnaGwsptSCxaIYubx4uqLJOfjsSoYRa0Wnrt_TFYo7zceVIfDg_EqDkw?key=WU5vejA2UjZ2Y0pHeVBaMlpRNHZ3b3dkYkllWUJR
  19. bmdoyle56

    J22 For Sale

    Selling my J/22 in West Yarmouth, MA. Several sets of sails, and assorted odds and ends. Needs a little clean-up, but the deck is solid. Two toddlers make it necessary to part ways with the boat. Asking $7,750, price includes trailer. Contact me at bmdoyle56@gmail.com
  20. jkohne

    windward sheeting

    I have done this transition on my 1988 J22 this past year. Not sure what the 2001 J Boats had as standard equipment. I had to change the traveler bar and used the Harken SB CB HL Windward Sheeting Car SKU : H2745 from APS(Annapolis Performance Sailing). I needed to use Harken 2721 High Beam Small Boat Traveler Track and still needed a spacer below this to elevate the traveler high enough to avoid the traveler hitting the top to the seats where the traveler bar was attached. Have really enjoyed the benefits of this upgrade as has made tacking and main adjustments much easier. Talking to the people at APS was helpful and they can help you with the special bolts and fittings you need to make all this work.
  21. Jwl58

    J22 # 667 for sale

    J22 #667 for sale. Previous NA Champ, faired bottom, keel and rudder. Triad Galvanized trailer w/ spare, mast recently painted, 2017 North Main, Jib and spin. Assortment or practice sails. All running rigging replaced in 2017. Raymarine Micro Compass, Also 2.5hp Nissan included. Price $9850. Pictures upon request. Contact Jay. 281-787-6367 or jay.lutz@northsails.com
  22. FranklyScarlet

    New J22 Owner

    Hello SCooke - As I recall the back stays (and shrouds) are of different lengths depending on the year the boat was built. That's why APS and other suppliers ask that you measure the old shrouds when ordering them. My boat is from 1983, and has a solid backstay, the new backstays have separate legs and a backstay that are connected with a 6 foot piece of spectra. See APS https://www.apsltd.com/one-design-sailboat-parts/j-22/j-22-standing-rigging.html Good luck with your new boat! KT
  23. I Have a 2001 and want to put windward sheeting on it ...... can I just get the unit itself without tracks and just put on my existing traveller What is the Harken part number Thanks Paul
  24. coslatrat

    Keel bolt kit - hoisting questions

    If you're looking for the plate that attaches to the two aft keel bolts, you'll need to differentiate between the old setup (hull 1263 and older) and the new - available through Waterline, this link - https://www.waterlinesystems.com/new-products/j22-lifting-bar-older-style - will show you both - you just bolt the plate on top of the existing bolts. Here's the link to APS for the lifting strap - https://www.apsltd.com/lifting-strap-2-diameter-x-5.html or you can have one made up (it's more expensive and don't ask me how I know)
  25. dennishg

    1988 Race Equipped J22

    Very nice J22 ready for a new home. Our age is catching up to us so we're moving to a smaller boat. Includes recent Main and Jib by North, radial Spinnaker by Doyle, galvanized trailer, Tohatsu 3.5 HP Four-Stroke with bracket, cushions, boarding ladder, and full cover. Hull number 788; Sail number 781. Located in upstate SC, the J22 is in very nice condition for it’s age and is well equipped and race ready. Hull number 781 and sail number 788. As explained to me, the first few prototypes were not registered, thus the difference in hull # and registration #. We purchased the boat in 2018 and spent six months reconditioning the teak, refinishing tiller, replacing portlights, spreader boots replaced, sanding and barrier coating the bottom, applying Sea Hawk VMG (HARD & FAST RACING FINISH), and a good interior and exterior scrubbing. Our age is catching up with us and we’re moving to a smaller boat, perhaps a Flying Scot. Equipment included: · North Sails main and jib (approximately 2 years old with 1 club racing season) · Spare battens · Doyle radial head spinnaker · New halyards 2018 · New spinnaker sheets 2019 · Spinnaker sheet retainer added to bow · Cushions in forepeak · Anchor and rode · Hiking stick · Boarding ladder heavy duty folding S/S ($600) · Tohatsu 3.5 HP 4 stroke 2014 with hinged bracket · Full boat cover · Lifelines, stanchions, and pulpits are available but were removed · Galvanized roller trailer with 2 tongue extensions, new tires 2018 · Spinnaker pole · Genoa track · All standard racing equipment; winches, blocks, tackle, lines, etc. Asking $8,900 904.495.6484 More photos go to: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HcqJDdxYCA2sQmhC7
  26. Does anyone have a link to a keel bolt kit site? What do you use for hoisting straps? Which bolts are used? Thanks!
  27. Guest

    Sails for Sale

    I have too many sails so looking to offload some. A list of my full inventory is below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xk5aNHVLPEK1wF2O01PuKDtnSNdW6G82U14llOT3YGw Trevor.d.perkins@gmail.com
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