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  3. I need to restring my spin pole bridle as the original wire is fraying. What cordage works best as a replacement? Thanks
  4. alanvee

    3 J/22s for Sale

    Does your YC need instructional vessels? I am reducing my instructional fleet by 3 boats. All are solid, but need cosmetic attention. No structural issues or wet spots. I can send pictures. All have furling jibs and Stak Pak mainsails. Perfect for day sailing or instruction. Good highway trailers. Motor mounts, but no motors. Boats have good VC17 bottoms, but need gear if you wish to race them competitively. Located in Chicago Alan 773 791 7923
  5. cdoyle

    Main outhaul system diagram

    There is a 1/4" bolt that runs athwartships at the forward end of the boom about 9" from the gooseneck.. The forward end of the block and tackle attaches there. How you orient the 4:1 purchase depends on whether the line exits the underside boom pointed forward or aft. The boat comes with the line exiting aft, but most folks like it better exiting forward.
  6. cdoyle

    Keel position

    You can make the two jigs that establish MPA and MPB out of hard board. Or a measurer may have a set. Where are you located?
  7. Has anyone had the keel/sump connection refitted on their boats, or done a DIY refit? Wondering how difficult it is to separate the hull and keel to reseal the connection. Interested in pictures and recommendations. Older boat - starting to see weeping at the joint/bolts Thank you
  8. For sale is a full set (main, jib with clew block, spin) of North Sails used only in the “very light air” 2018 Annapolis Noods regatta by Zeke Horowitz. They have not been used since and have been properly stored. Located in Annapolis. Asking $3,500. Please contact Mariel at (617) 957-5401 or mariel.yarbrough@gmail.com if you are interested or have any questions.
  9. Jlatham

    1999 J22, #1366 for Sale

    1999 Italian built J22 for sale #1366. It is race ready. Located in Cleveland 4 mains - all North. Two M7 (2015) and two NB1 5 jibs - all North. 3 big foots (one with blocks). 5 spinnakers - all North TacTic with knot meter New rudder last year New spin and jib sheets Solid trailer $12,500.00 Contact Jim at jlatham6@me.com
  10. Haledawson

    1988 J/22

    1988 Hull #853. Boat has been fully factory refurbished by Waterline Systems. All interior woodwork replaced, re-gel-coated. All new Harken deck hardware, toe-rails and trim. New Running rigging. New rudder and KBS tiller. Bottom and keel faired and finished w/VC Underwater Epoxy. Boat is structurally sound in all respects. New Triad galvanized trailer. "No Sails" Located in Rhode Island $9,200 or best offer For more information contact rhb@waterlinesystems.com
  11. Located in Lake George, New York. 1993 J22 with 2 Sets of Sails (North Sails - 3 Seasons and Haarstick - 2 Seasons), Triad Trailer, Keel Cover Micro Tacktick, Windward Sheeting Car. Boat has primarily sailed on Lake George, NY and Rochester, NY Price $12,500.00 Contact: Joe Favero Phone: 303-522-4663 Email: joefavero@comcast.net
  12. Hey there, thinking of jumping back into the J22 after a long absence, and I'm looking at buying what looks like a pretty good used boat. 700 series. The current owner says the keel has been faired. Heading over to look at the boat next week, and I was wondering if there were any fairly easy ways to determine whether or not the keel has been faired, and whether or not it's in the correct position, which I'm assuming is max forward. I've looked at the class specification for measuring keel position and minimum thickness, but the document references a jig, which I'm not going to have unfortunately. Would love to know if there are some fairly simple ways to find out if the keel is where it should be.
  13. Come and join us at Fort Walton Beach Yacht Club! Im planning on putting my boat in the water and I hope to see some others out there! 2019 FCA NOR (1).pdf
  14. Sethcooke

    Lifting Mount Bar

    Does anyone have a spare lifting bar laying around, I have a older boat. I know you can buy them from waterline but I wanted to see if someone may have one to help me save a little on the price first.
  15. Hi guys, I'm looking for a used J/22 mast, I'm not sure where to begin looking! If anyone has any leads that would be greatly appreciated!
  16. jkohne

    Main outhaul system diagram

    Don’t know answer but interested in this information as well.
  17. Where can I find a diagram of the outhaul system? Took mine appart an am not sure where to anchor the front block.
  18. Guest


    Located Lake George, NY. The boat has always been in fresh water. Great boat but seldom used the last few summers. Includes sails (Haarstick), cockpit cover, triad trailer, the boat is ready to race as is. Price - $18,900.00. contact: John Tarrant cell. 518/423-6074 tarrant.john338@gmail.com
  19. Sbinzer

    USA #1510 - Regatta Ready

    If for sale please contact Scott at 502-291-6328 or provide contact info. Thanks
  20. MargeGunderson

    USA #1510 - Regatta Ready

    Potential winter sale USA #1510 Minimum weight with correctors Tuned and ready for Quantum with caliper numbers. 3 sets of Quantum sails. 2018 (used Annapolis Worlds), 2017 used lightly, and cruising set (old flat entry main perfect for chill mode). Trailer lights redone, bearings repacked. New lines, standing rigging, halyards, and blocks 2017. 4hp 4 stroke Yamaha in great shape Custom "Lars Bar" ready for bag-less sets (Autographed by the legend himself). 7th at 2018 Worlds in Annapolis, top Quantum boat Doesn't get more turn key. $24,000 Considering a potential sale this winter. Not set in stone but looking to have contact info for folks interested if it goes up.
  21. Guest

    Decent used trailer for sale

    Hello, I am looking for a decent used J22 Trailer in the New England area. Thank you, Matthew Cohen 401 661 6541 (text or call) matthew@cohenphotography.com www.cohenphotography.com
  22. J/22 #1233 - Boat is race ready with full inventory of racing and practice sails. Previous owner purchased the boat in 2012, and prior to that it was a freshwater boat. Air tanks dry and bulkheads solid (tanks and bulkheads inspected frequently). Stored on trailer with boat cover. Boat is at weight (with correctors “correctly” placed), and the J22 class association has the measurement certificate from last season on file. We raced it last season and casually sailed it once this season. Included Sails (Two full sets of North Sails and Extra Racing Jib) Set #1 One set of North Sails in racing condition. (Used in 2013 Worlds and only two other regattas) One M7 Main (2013) Two Big Foot Jibs (2013 and 2014) (one jib is in championship regatta condition) One FR-1 AirX Spinnaker Set #2 Recreational North Sails (main, jib, spin) Available Sails Sold Separately ($3,600 firm) After the 2018 Noods, we purchased a full set (main, jib with clew block, spin) of North Sails used only in the “very light air” Noods regatta by Zeke Horowitz. They have not been used since and have been properly stored. Engine -2012 Honda 2.3 horsepower outboard, four stroke, air cooled (very low hours)—only use ethanol free/airplane fuel. -Light weight motor mount. Other Information - Two spinnaker poles, one pretty much new. - Halyards and sheets are either new (as of 2017) or in excellent condition. - Halyard cleats replaced in 2017. - All class safety gear in excellent shape. - Tacktick compass and Velocitek Speedpuck ($400 retail) included. - Lifting harness replaced in 2015. - Three covers included—gray cockpit cover in almost new condition; black full-length, low-profile road cover (professionally reinforced in 2018); large barn cover. - Rudder cover and new tiller cover. - Mast brackets for traveling and other accessories included. Stored on trailer at the SSA lot in Annapolis, MD. Asking $10,500. Please call Mariel at (617) 957-5401 or email Mariel.yarbrough@gmail.com if you are interested or need more information.
  23. J-22 for sale, hull number 868 with trailer. Overhaul a solid boat, needs some new hardware such as cam cleats. Hull has some scratches in the paint. Bottom was faired and is in great shape. Many sets of sails, some decent for club racing. $5100 631-983-7376 Holzmacherair@aol.com
  24. Your Backstay Tangs were not bedded properly and allowed water incursion. Check locally with other boaters as to who does the best fiberglass repair work and have them make the repairs. They will be able to tell you if the whole transom needs replacement or just area around the tangs. When they are finished you will need to have your boat reweighed, and measured.
  25. While cleaning inside the boat noticed what looked like cracks in the transom . I crawled back to find about 4" cracks in the upper corner about where the the backstay plate would be. Checked the other side to also find a crack by other backstay plate Can you cut out sections and replace them or would you have to replace the whole transom? I broke off a 2" piece of fiberglass and pressed a screwdriver in and it was soft. It's a 1990 J22. The outside of the transom looks good and seems hard and I never would have expected what I found inside.
  26. How do you extract the pins of the mast step sheaves? The only solution I can think of is using a drill Special tool or trick?
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