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  2. jkohne

    windward sheeting

    I have done this transition on my 1988 J22 this past year. Not sure what the 2001 J Boats had as standard equipment. I had to change the traveler bar and used the Harken SB CB HL Windward Sheeting Car SKU : H2745 from APS(Annapolis Performance Sailing). I needed to use Harken 2721 High Beam Small Boat Traveler Track and still needed a spacer below this to elevate the traveler high enough to avoid the traveler hitting the top to the seats where the traveler bar was attached. Have really enjoyed the benefits of this upgrade as has made tacking and main adjustments much easier. Talking to the people at APS was helpful and they can help you with the special bolts and fittings you need to make all this work.
  3. Jwl58

    J22 # 667 for sale

    J22 #667 for sale. Previous NA Champ, faired bottom, keel and rudder. Triad Galvanized trailer w/ spare, mast recently painted, 2017 North Main, Jib and spin. Assortment or practice sails. All running rigging replaced in 2017. Raymarine Micro Compass, Also 2.5hp Nissan included. Price $9850. Pictures upon request. Contact Jay. 281-787-6367 or jay.lutz@northsails.com
  4. FranklyScarlet

    New J22 Owner

    Hello SCooke - As I recall the back stays (and shrouds) are of different lengths depending on the year the boat was built. That's why APS and other suppliers ask that you measure the old shrouds when ordering them. My boat is from 1983, and has a solid backstay, the new backstays have separate legs and a backstay that are connected with a 6 foot piece of spectra. See APS https://www.apsltd.com/one-design-sailboat-parts/j-22/j-22-standing-rigging.html Good luck with your new boat! KT
  5. I Have a 2001 and want to put windward sheeting on it ...... can I just get the unit itself without tracks and just put on my existing traveller What is the Harken part number Thanks Paul
  6. coslatrat

    Keel bolt kit - hoisting questions

    If you're looking for the plate that attaches to the two aft keel bolts, you'll need to differentiate between the old setup (hull 1263 and older) and the new - available through Waterline, this link - https://www.waterlinesystems.com/new-products/j22-lifting-bar-older-style - will show you both - you just bolt the plate on top of the existing bolts. Here's the link to APS for the lifting strap - https://www.apsltd.com/lifting-strap-2-diameter-x-5.html or you can have one made up (it's more expensive and don't ask me how I know)
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  8. dennishg

    1988 Race Equipped J22

    Very nice J22 ready for a new home. Our age is catching up to us so we're moving to a smaller boat. Includes recent Main and Jib by North, radial Spinnaker by Shure, galvanized trailer, Tohatsu 3.5 HP Four-Stroke with bracket, cushions, boarding ladder, and full cover. Hull number 788; Sail number 781. Asking $10,000 904.495.6484 More photos on request.
  9. Does anyone have a link to a keel bolt kit site? What do you use for hoisting straps? Which bolts are used? Thanks!
  10. Guest

    Sails for Sale

    I have too many sails so looking to offload some. A list of my full inventory is below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xk5aNHVLPEK1wF2O01PuKDtnSNdW6G82U14llOT3YGw Trevor.d.perkins@gmail.com
  11. Looking to purchase a used j/22 triad trailer in new england. j.cook@cox.net
  12. I bought hull 1022 and need the small bar that allows locking the slider to the drop in door. Happy to pay + shipping.
  13. #25 I believe was named Ethune, once a long time ago. Good luck
  14. need to replace my cockpit drain hose I started this topic before but could not seem to get the recommendations on the type of hose I need Anyone who knows the specs or vender or shop I could get that hose from, I woulds really appreciate your help thanks
  15. cdoyle

    Line diameter

    They have not changed since the reduction from 8mm to 6mm.
  16. cdoyle

    need new spreader for Hall Mast

    I have a set of used Hall Spar spreaders in my basement off of Hull #1026. Happy to give them to you. My email is j221026@roadrunner.com.
  17. Thanks for your feedback Lars and I had to do a quick recore to get me through the Rose Cup and POW quals. Fixed all of the broken skin inside and praying nothing collapses or recracks before June ends. This is hull #25 we are talking about here so I'm guessing I haven't seen the end of this issue yet and now that you've said what you said about the compression post, I am going to keep hacking my way through this way; piece by piece from up top. If y'all want to come out and sail in January, we could put something together but of course, nothing will be class legal down here lol.
  18. j22exec

    For sale J/22 #1087

    For sale J/22 #1087 Race ready with Quantum Sails, trailer and boat cover (no bottom paint), excellent shape and located on Long Island. Call 631-512-2468
  19. Hi There, Don't quote me please. There has been some controversy about this repair in the past and whether such a repair will invalidate your measurement certificate. You may laugh but but once you repair this the boat, it may/should be stronger than stock and so it may be hard to get a new certificate. I suspect this matters little to you for your needs but it may change the resale value of the boat if it has been altered from stock and no longer a class legal J22. The J22 rules are strict on modifications from "as supplied by the builder". Unfortunately a little grey area exists under the guise of "repairs". I'd prefer the boat to remain a J22. I have always wanted to go to a North American Championship on the west coast (like San Francisco!) From your picture it looks like repairs are in order. From the dark line around the cracks I would be concerned with moisture in the core. The exact layup schedule for construction is proprietary information from J boats to the builder, They don't give out this info. I can not help you there. If you have a friend at Waterline or J boats they might be able to help you, but I doubt it. I have sailed many NOOD regattas at your club and once on the 22's you have in a match race event (love your seahood layouts). One or two of your boats even came from Minnesota. I would suggest you repair as best you can matching as much as possible what you find when you peel it apart. As for getting the compression strut back in place, I've heard rumors (pure rumors) that they flex the cabin top up a bit to fit the post in. Good Luck
  20. TyeDyedGary

    need new spreader for Hall Mast

    Check with your local rigging shops, one might have an old used one stuck off in a corner somewhere. OR, find a good machine shop that can make one ( it wont be cheap).
  21. Guest

    Spreaders for Hall mast

    need spreader for 1990s J22 Hall mast or used J22 Hall mast
  22. I need a new spreader (Hall Mast) for my 1990 J22 Hull number 1020 I contacted APS but they advise Hall as out of business and recommended Waterline Systems. I have attempted to contact Waterline systems by emailing them as directed on their web site but they have never responded I left a message but still no response Is there any dealer, builder, supplier that would have something like that
  23. Sbinzer

    J22 for sale

    Please send contact info.
  24. Guest

    triad trailer

    I have a J22 trailer in great shape but it isn't Triad (I think) - would you be interested I can get more specs and pictures on it if you like Contact me w text 512 5170347
  25. kriszill

    New J22 Owner

    contact me and i will go through my box of parts that came with my boats that I don't use. kris@sdyc.org
  26. I am cracking into the first of several mast step repairs for my J22 Fleet at SDYC this year and before I go doing something foolish, I wanted to ask if you knew how the boat was put together in the area. I have recored around mast steps before to fix squishy deck to the left or the right side but don't know what is directly above the compression post/below the base plate. The little gem I'm working on has compromised skin around the compression post, evident from down below and some cracking evident from up top. Has anyone here tackled this repair? I've never removed a compression post and am nervous about fixing from below - in case i don't get everything laminated tight and true i might not be able to get the post back in (at least that is my fear).
  27. Did the diameter requirements for halyards change? I thought it was 8mm for main and jib and now 6mm Makes sense with new line available but confirming......
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